MK Gallery's Young people's project was established in 2007 with a three year grant from The Big Lottery. Since then we have branded ourselves as Lost & found, and aspire to develop opportunities for people aged 15-24 to create exciting and challenging cultural projects and events!

Every Member of lost and found has an oppertunity to learn new skills, including leadership project management, technical, budgetary, fundraising, marketing, communications...the list goes on and on!

"Through participation and engagement Lost & Found has been an introduction to various art forms I wouldn't have considered seeking off my own back. It's made me into a storm trooper, a public speaker, an events manager, a sound engineer, a tourist, a curator, an artist and helped me make some amazing friends"
Lost and Found Committee Member

Our Remit is to enable young people to take on exciting opportunites and challenges to explore, create, debate and initiate cultural projects within Milton Keynes. In the past we have used our funding to host events at the MK4U festival in the form of our Create tent, Visited various exhibitions (Even ones abroad!) and worked with established artists to realise exhibitions shown at MK Gallery.

We are recruiting for new members now so if this sounds like something you would be interested in Head over to our
Want to take part? section and Drop us an e-mail!